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Alloy Wheels & Tyres for Car & Van

Supplier of Alloy Wheels  & Tyre Packages also known as Car Alloys or Rims. We send Alloy Wheels & Tyre Packages all over the world. We also offer services such as tyre fittings, valve and wheel balancing, ready to fit. Fitting kits supplied. Ensured courier delivery, well packaged. We have been selling wheels and tyres since May 1987. Select your car and size required from the drop down boxes above, this will show what we have to fit your car.

Customer's Alloy Wheel Gallery

alloy wheels northern ireland gallery of real wheel examples by auto alloys

See some wheel examples on your our car. Browse our customer alloy wheels gallery for some inspiration.

Featured products

18" Veemann V-FS23 SMF Alloy Wheels


(Set of 4 Alloy Wheels)

£548.21 inc. VAT

18" Veemann V-FS31 SM Alloy Wheels


(Set of 4 Alloy Wheels)

£464.00 inc. VAT

19" OEMS IFG10 Alloy Wheels


(Set of 4 Alloy Wheels)

£602.16 inc. VAT

19" 1AV ZX1 Alloy Wheels


(Set of 4 Alloy Wheels)

£720.00 inc. VAT

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  • fox
  • riviera wheels
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